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Curio Innovations... dedicated to creating impactful designs. We collaboratively deliver the realization of innovative ideas, to produce products that resonate in their markets. Explore a product's look, feel, and experience and final production with our team. 

Chelsea Young

Chief Designer
Chelsea Young's passion and attention to detail has been driving Curio since it was founded. Her fascination with industrial design began at CU Boulder, where she received an MS in mechanical engineering and a BA in studio art. After contributing to the work of numerous hardware star-ups, she went on to co-found the Curio team.

Nolan Houston

Business Manger
A true entrepreneurial spirit, Nolan Houston strives to grab a hold of exciting market opportunities. His background lies in strategic marketing and civil engineering. After receiving an MBA from CU Boulder, he was naturally drawn to the business behind design, and helped to co-found Curio.

Ian Carlson

Industrial Designer
Ian combines branding and human factors design to create products at the intersection of form and function. With experience as a startup founder and mentor Ian can articulate your brand as an experience. Making complex problems digestible to customers and shareholders.

Scott Bailey

Industrial Designer
Scott Bailey has worked with numerous companies over the years designing commercial and consumer products. He serves as an valuable resource and as an industry expert to the Curio team. To view Scott's portfolio and learn more about his experience click
HERE <--

Mark Emde

Business Development
Mark Emde's energy and expertise in business development has been an inspiration since he joined Curio. Mark received an MS in civil engineering at University of Oklahoma, and an MS in mechanical engineering at The School of Mines. This passion and knowledge of technology drives him to be the very best in the business.